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Often times, we are asked these general questions. If you’ve got a question of your own, please feel free to contact us!

Does the exterior of the oven become hot?2021-10-01T14:02:44-04:00

Not really! Amazingly, reaching temps in excess of 1500F on the inside of the oven do not translate outside the machine!  The exterior surfaces only stay warm to the touch with our patented design.

How long does the oven need to heat up?2021-10-01T13:59:14-04:00

45-60 minutes is all you need from a cold start.  Due to the nature of our process there is no need to keep the oven running all the time or at a lower temp all through the night.

Will I need specific training with the oven?2021-09-02T13:22:24-04:00

Yes and no, we require an onsite use and maintenance seminar, this is normally a 1-2 day affair and the visiting chef-tech will walk you through all your daily, monthly, semi-anual and annual activities, cook with you & provide some insight on your new equipment.

Do I need a Pizzaiola (pizza chef) to operate the oven?2021-09-02T13:20:27-04:00

Great question…No, we don’t feel as if you do. The oven is very user friendly. The Remco stay Hot Deck is unique in that there is no need to spin or rotate pizza due to cold spots, therefore this oven was designed for entry level users and professionals.

Can I cook directly on the stone?2021-09-02T13:17:29-04:00

Absolutely, you can bake all dough products directly on the deck and we encourage this method. Proteins and other foods must be cooked in some type of vessel to contain the oils produced.

What else can I cook besides pizza?2021-09-02T13:15:22-04:00

You can cook virtually anything in the Daytona ovens. You can broil, sear, poach, bake & more!  Steak, chops, fish, chicken, veggies, bake breads, rolls, sausage, meatballs, au gratin, parmesan, sauce, all cook in record time with ease.

Do I need a permit for installation?2021-09-02T13:12:39-04:00

Local codes shall dictate this. Our ovens are a moveable piece of equipment on casters and are not built into the building so, they should not require a permit. However the ventilation and utility connections may. You will want to investigate these subjects at a local level.

How long does installation take?2021-09-02T13:09:23-04:00

In a single story building, installation may take 2-4 hours based on complexity.  Most clients are up and running on delivery day!

Are your ovens imported?2021-09-02T13:07:35-04:00

No.  Our equipment is designed, sourced & built in Fort Lauderdale, FL by hand.  We do not import any equipment from other countries.

Are financing options available?2021-09-02T13:05:51-04:00

Yes indeed, we work with a few major funding firms that will assist in financing your new equipment with very competitive terms.  Please contact us for more info!

Will I need a special rigging company to install my oven2021-09-02T13:03:31-04:00

Not necessarily, our equipment all comes shipped fully assembled on a stand with casters unless a 2-piece shipment is requested.  A typical rigging company could easily assist you on transporting your new oven from the pallet to its final location in your establishment.

How does the Remco 7/3/1 Warranty work?2021-09-02T12:59:43-04:00

Our class leading warranty work like this:

7 years: On the unibody construction of the equipment. Such as, the welded components, metal & typical hardware.  This does not include any colored finishes or soft goods.

3 years: On consumable parts like, fans, motors and the like.

1 year: On labor for service related items.

Please request full warranty info if desired.

Can I install a Daytona oven through a single door2021-09-02T12:59:58-04:00

Yes! upon ordering, you’ll have the option to request a 2 piece shipment that will allow any of the three models of Daytona’s to fit through a 36″ opening.  The on-site chef-tech will make sure your equipment is re-assembled to factory specs, test fire and even cook with you!

How much do the Daytona ovens weigh?2021-09-02T13:00:20-04:00

Surprisingly for a brick oven, our ovens are quite light.

The Daytona V4 – 575Lbs.

The Daytona V6 – 800Lbs.

The Daytona V8 – 1350Lbs.

Do Remco Daytona ovens require a hood system?2021-09-02T13:00:39-04:00

The Daytona series ovens have been tested and listed by UL for direct vent exhaust. This means your oven will only need to be vented to the outdoors or if allowed by local authorities, into an existing hood system.

You should always check with local authorities first, as they have the final say on the installing method for your area; generally the UL certification is a sufficient guideline. In rare instances will you be required to install Daytona under a hood.

Contact us for further information.





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