Just about 2 years after “the spark” Remco’s introduction of the worlds first patented Infrared rotisserie was an award winning success.  Kenny Rogers Roasters tested our oven and was elated with its results; purchasing dozens of rotisseries for its new locations.  Miami subs grill also developed their own chicken concept and chose the Remco oven for their operations.  Numerous other concepts picked up on the amazing rotisserie we produce and Remco Specialty Products was on its way.  The first iteration of our rotisserie featured gas infrared burners coupled with a dazzling flicker flame that not only emulated a real wood fire, it could also burn real wood for a flavor and aroma boost.   The oven’s open cavity design allowed for a greater ambiance and offered a much easier load and un-load process for products.  The drive system went through progressive phases that has landed us at our current patented gravity drive system.  This gear-less setup requires, no lubrication & no moving parts to wear out or break down.  The ingenious design allows our NSF 1-piece aluminum spits to show a new face of the product to the infrared energy every 3rd rotation, enabling the oven to produce a golden brown product with no attention needed by the user!